The following are the key objective of Saipal Youth Club, Bajhang for socio-economic transformation of the impact populations.

  1. Precise to search and protect of all caste’s language, cultural and good traditional, conduct.
  2. Miscellaneous program of social, economics, physical, cultural, educational, agricultural, forest, health, tourism, environment, communication, child, youth, disable, women, dalits, nationalities and cooperative sectors.
  3. Alleviant poverty, unemployment and backhandedness
  4. Empower/ boost up the tortured and exploited castes, creed and community
  5. Promote cooperative feeling promoting natural resources.
  6. Create the feeling of social unity.
  7. Develop community using feasible local resources and means as well as skills and technology.
  8. Conduct programs in a great deal with inclusive based theory avoic’ superstitions, political, congestions and ill harmony.
  9. Develop service oriented personality enticing and organize in local youths to develop cultural, sports and finance.

Target participants: Poor, Women, Children, Dalit, Excluded community members, HIV and AIDS infected and affected community, Conflict survivors and other vulnerable groups

Geographic focus: Far-west Development Region.ent Region.